Talent toont talent
Talent toont talent: In Line Out of Sight Inside Out of Line:
3 september t/m
1 oktober, 2023
Matias Salgado

Drie studenten van de opleiding Art History & Curatorial Studies van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen maken een keuze uit het werk van afgestudeerden van Academie Minerva en het Frank Mohr Instituut en stellen daar een expositie over samen onder de titel ‘In Line Out of Sight: Out of Sight In Line’. De tentoonstelling is te zien van 3 september tot en met 1 oktober.

“In Line Out of Sight; In Sight Out of Line” beckons you to venture into the ethereal landscapes of an artist’s voyage—a transformative odyssey encompassing both self-discovery and the exploration of uncharted realms of creativity. The collection uncovers the universal journey of self-discovery within the artistic process, delicately navigating the interplay between genuine self-expression and the confines imposed by academic norms. Each artwork unveiled resonates as a testament to the artist’s inner exploration—through brushstrokes, sculptures, and installations, unveiling their struggles, triumphs, doubts, and moments of clarity. These creations emanate vulnerability, inviting you to partake in an intimate journey through the evolution of creativity. The exhibition masterfully weaves a narrative that delves into the dynamic interrelationship between artistic expression and the academic framework, challenging preconceived boundaries of creativity. These artworks mirror the intricate dance of transcending convention while upholding the integrity of craft. As we navigate the intricate pathways of artistic introspection, where the boundary between self and expression blurs, “In Line Out of Sight; In Sight Out of Line” stands as a tribute to the eternal ballet of artistic identity—a captivating spectacle eagerly awaiting your participation!